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Anti MoSick Glasses 2.0
Anti MoSick Glasses 2.0
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Anti MoSick Glasses 2.0
Anti MoSick Glasses 2.0

Anti MoSick Glasses 2.0

50 reviews

Get Relief from Motion Sickness Immediately without any Harmful Pills/Patches and without trying any useless Internet Hacks.

  • Now travel without the fear of feeling nauseous or throwing up
  • Avoid taking harmful pills and patches like Dramamine and scopolamine patches which causes drowsiness, constipation, blurred vision etc.
  • No need to try anymore useless internet hacks like travelling with empty Stomach/full Stomach, having ginger, ginger ale etc.
  • It is a lensless design and so it can be used even with glasses  
  • Works for both kids and adults
  • Secure Transactions

Immediate Relief from Motion Sickness

If the thought of Travelling makes you uneasy and nauseous as you get Motion Sick and you are tired of using Harmful Pills and Useless Internet Hacks, Anti MoSick Glasses 2.0 is the perfect fit for you.

It uses Black Technology to balance the mismatched visual signals sent to the brain and thus immediately stopping Motion Sickness

"I have tried everything under the sun to combat my motion sickness: ginger pills, ear patches, essential oils. Dramamine works but I hate the drowsy side effects. These Glasses worked as miracle and immediately stopped my Motion Sickness."

  • Verified Buyer, Sharee M.

Now Travel Without any Queasiness in Your Stomach

According to a research 1 in every 3 person suffers from Motion Sickness in some part of their life. It results from conflicting signals reaching the brain, the brain becoming confused as it can’t reconcile what the eyes and vestibular system are telling it. It has many symptoms like: Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Loss in Appetite, Pale Skin etc.

The Anti MoSick Glasses are Lensless Glasses with a special Blue Fluid of researched density in its rim. The Fluid adjusts in accordance to the movement of the body while travelling thus sending correct visual signals to the brain and immediately stopping Motion Sickness.

We recommend to wear these Glasses as soon as you start feeling nauseous and it will take approximately 1-3 minutes for the eyes to adjust and then you'll not feel nauseous anymore.

         Anti MoSick Glasses 2.0

  • Upgraded design for better functionality and  durability 
  • Fits perfectly on the face
  • Can be used for longer period of time
  • Fast Shipping

          Other Products in Market

  • Old design, fluid starts spilling after it is used 2-3 times
  • Hard to make them stay on the face
  • Pain on nose ridge after long use.
  • 30+ days shipping

Love It Or Your Money Back

Our #1 priority here at MotionSick Glasses is your satisfaction. Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no buts. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Send you a replacement. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Satisfaction Team. We're here for you. Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

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Customer Reviews
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Damian S.
United States

They may look goofy but for someone like my wife who is easily prone to motion sickness they are a godsend for long car rides or boat rides.

Lorna A.
United States

I had my doubts getting these... Our son was getting increasingly more sensitive in the car to the point where it seemed like we just couldn't take him anywhere. Got him these things and have never heard a complaint since!

Brittney D.
United States

Our family does a lot of long car rides, which my 11 year-old-daughter always didn't look forward to. We tried everything from taking her on an empty stomach, a full stomach, feeding her ginger, ginger ale, etc, and nothing seemed to help. After doing a little research on Google and seeing this product, I thought that I would give it a whirl and purchased one of these silly looking smart glasses. They ended up working great for her and she hasn't felt sick since, so I ended up purchasing a second pair after a couple weeks of trial!

Ladawn S.
United States

I don’t know where I first read about these car-sickness glasses, but after my 13yo got sick two weeks in a row on the way to co-op, we decided to give them a try. The reviews are good, but now I can add our own. Since wearing the (albeit ridiculous-looking) glasses in the mornings, she has not been sick. This morning she decided not to wear them. Within 10 minutes she was queasy. That’s all the reasoning I need to recommend them. I’m not sure how they work, but they do.

Fiona A.
United States

My 10 year old gets motion sick in the car quite often. He usually has to take some Dramamine. We went on a trip to Ohio, and the roads are twisty and roll up and down. He put the glasses on as soon as we got in the car for the long haul, and for small local trips while there. He was NEVER sick--not once the entire week! He thinks these glasses are awesome! I definitely recommend them! I am actually going to get another pair for someone else.

Twila E.
United States

I bought this to use if i ever needed a circuit breaker finder. With all of the new smart devices such as smart switches and dimmers I have been doing a lot of electrical work in my home. All the switches on my breaker box are labeled but I like to be safer than safe when I work with electricity so having this was a no brainer for me. I have used it on several jobs without fail. On one occasion I thought I had the right breaker off but I didn't. This finder saved me from receiving the shock of my life. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a dependable circuit breaker finder.

Neal M.
United States

Where have these been my entire, motion sickness life! We were taking a trip cross country and I was desperate! I worked on my laptop 10 hours a day driving and NOT A SINGLE FEELING OF MOTION SICKNESS!!!!! I am telling everyone about these because I tend to hang with our motion sickness people!