MotionSick Glasses™

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Travel without the fear of feeling nauseous or throwing up


- Earl, Verified Customer

I get HORRIBLE motion sickness. On my last 8 hour ride I had a GI bug so I was VERY nervous about that combined with the motion sickness I knew I'd get - BUT I WORE THESE GLASSES AND I WAS OKAY!! I've never had such a successful road trip to date, which is wild considering that I got in the car with the cards really stacked against me.

- Sharee M., Verified Customer

"I have tried everything under the sun to combat my motion sickness: ginger pills, ear patches, essential oils. Dramamine works but I hate the drowsy side effects. These Glasses worked as miracle and immediately stopped my Motion Sickness."

- Jonathan, Verified Customer

Both my son and I suffer from motion sickness, and it seems worse when we ride in our pickup truck. During a two hour trip in the truck this week we both used the glasses and they seemed to halt the development of nausea and a headache. I look forward to using them again to see if they do, indeed, relieve the symptoms of motion sickness.